Clarissa Murri

My name is Clarissa Murri. A couple of years ago I got really sick. Daily things were a struggle. This is not the person I ever wanted to be. I had to try to motivate myself. So I could get through The day. My whole body hurt, every joint in my body just ached. I was exhausted all the time. Then my stomach hurt all the time. Every time I ate anything my stomach would just kill. It kept me up at night. I finally went to the doctor paid thousands of dollars to hear "we don't know why you feel this way except for you must have indigestion." Indigestion? There had to be more! With a lot of prayer God has sent me on this amazing journey, that I am so excited about sharing with you guys!!! By my own experiments I found out that I had a problem digesting gluten, a very bad problem, even a morsel would hurt me. Because of this I had been malnutritioned for years. So I searched and searched for food that was gluten free that didn't taste like card board. I found moms place. AMAZING!  I cant wait to share this with you all at my class. I have been educated by the owner of moms place and she is amazing. Everyone loves her.It is a local company right here in Idaho Falls, Idaho. I will be making pizza, biscuits and gravy, and a sandwich bread. Its going to be awesome please join me and Trevor for this fun and exciting class.