Collin McReynolds

Collin always had a passion for cooking but it wasn't always so healthy. In 2012 she made a decision to take control of her life. She jumped in to the Paleo diet (gluten, soy & dairy free) head first & noticed some incredible results in her body composition, as well as her quality of sleep, skin, energy levels, you name it. However, she is a foodie at heart & knew she had to be able to enjoy her old favorites to keep this sustainable. She took one recipe at a time, tinkering with different ingredients. Most of the Crave versions of what she used to enjoy, she now enjoys more. She feels ready to chase her 5 year old around rather than feeling bloated,etc. She recovers faster from workouts as well! Collin wants you all to CRAVE what your body needs so you can thrive each day. Every Crave meal is loaded with great nutrition!