Cybelle Greenlaw

Cybelle Greenlaw’s interest in animal welfare began in 1984, when her mother decided to convert the family’s guesthouse into a primate sanctuary for baboons and macaques. After more than a decade of building cages, cleaning cages, and digging drainage ditches, she decided to leave the monkeying around to her mother and pursue a Bachelor’s degree in French literature with a minor in Classics. All was going well until her third year as an undergraduate when she saw the blue monkeys of Thera—she knew there would never be any way out of the monkey business. She continued her education at Trinity College Dublin, where she completed her PhD thesis on the iconography and cultural significance of monkeys in the ancient Mediterranean. Since then, she has taught undergraduate courses in classics at Chancellor College/University of Malawi, business English in Moscow, and English as an International Language at Park University.

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