Cynthia Farris

As a Holistic Health Coach and Fermentationist, Cynthia helps busy individuals improve their energy, health, and vitality through easy food and lifestyle upgrades.  Recognizing that health begins in the gut with the foods we eat and our body’s ability to utilize the nutrients in those foods, she works with clients to ensure their intestinal tracts are functioning optimally.  Together with her clients, she guides them to recognize and address the signs and symptoms of imbalance. Her passion for inexpensive DIY health solutions, along with her love of food, botany, and the lost arts led her to fermentation.  At any given time she has myriad ferments on her countertops including:  miso, kefirs, Kimchi, Sauerkraut, tempeh, Injera (fermented Teff), and Kombucha, each of which hold unique probiotic and nutrient qualities.  Using these homemade foods, she enhances health by creating rich and diverse bacterial cultures which support gut and overall health. Cynthia can be reached at