Dan Sullins

Dr. Sullins uses nutritional supplements and special diets coupled with proper brain treatment to treat his patients to be their best. He uses functional neurology to properly treat the brain & maximize health. An unbalanced brain is very common due to the environment in which we are exposed. Everything from micro-trauma to toxins and poor nutrition and even our emotions can affect our health. The human body can be optimized via a properly balanced and treated brain leading to increased performance of all organs for athletes, kids, and the adult just wanting a higher quality of life and wishing to help turn away from disease. Proper brain function controls all aspects of the body and is related to a wide array of diseases and dysfunctions when not properly balanced. Dr. Sullins underwent extensive training on the human body and all related systems at Parker University where he received several scholarships and honors. Beyond this, he went to take post doctorate level neurology training at world renown Carrick Institute and undergo extensive training on treating the human brain to immensely help patients suffering from a variety of diseases and disorders, going far beyond just treating pain, and elevating the patient to achieve a higher quality of health in order to enjoy life to its fullest!