Dr. Catherine Zeman, Ph.D., Env. Health

Dr. Zeman received her Ph.D. in Preventive Medicine with emphasis in Environmental and Occupational Health form the University of Iowa and a master’s in environmental science from Southern Illinois University. Her undergraduate background includes degrees in nursing, biology, and anthropology. She teaches classes in epidemiology, human diseases, environmental health, and environmental and occupational health regulations and human toxicology. Dr. Zeman is a member of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society and of the NAAAS Affiliate, National Association of Native American Studies, American Public Health Association, and the National Environmental Health Association. She also received a Visiting Professor title at the Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Cluj Napoca, Romania. Her research interests include: nitrates in the environment and their impact on human health with focus on children’s health, industrial ecological principles of precision manufacturing, international health issues, understanding the health issues of underserved populations, environmental sustainability, workplace health and safety and wellness, and documenting pollution prevention practices on worker health and safety. Dr. Zeman was a Fulbright Scholar to Romania on environmental health issues during the Spring/Summer of 2004. Dr. Zeman is also the Director of the Recycling and Reuse Technology Transfer Center, at the University of Northern Iowa. An applied research, service and outreach Center that focuses on issues of sustainability and solid waste. She is a Professor of environmental health in the Health focus area, Department of Health, Recreation, and Community Service, HRCS at the University of Northern Iowa.

Events By Dr. Catherine Zeman, Ph.D., Env. Health