Dr. Curtis Kunkel, ND

Dr. Curtis Kunkel, ND is a board certified naturopathic physician specializing in natural hormone rebalancing. He is committed to using natural medicine and reserves the use of pharmaceuticals only as a last alternative. Dr. Kunkel’s approach to treating patients is to treat the whole person, not their disease. Patient empowerment is what he strives for and this is achieved through his commitment to educate on health related matters. Dr. Kunkel believes that by helping people improve their health, they will be able to live a more self-fulfilled life. In this way, each person who improves their health not only improves their own life, but the lives of their family, their community and the world. He works with patients at his office on E. Burnside Street in Portland, Oregon and over the phone, as well as in the privacy of their own homes. For more information, please visit his website at www.roguenaturalmedicine.com.

Events By Dr. Curtis Kunkel, ND

Nutrition Seminar
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Come join Dr. Kunkel of Rogue Natural Medicine for a stimulating Q & A style interaction on diabetes. Topics to discuss will include the ketogenic diet, inflammation, insulin resistance, obesity, supplementation, and other diabetes-related questions you may have.

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