Dr. Curtis R. Kuhn, Ph.D., M.S., B.S., A.A.

- He Graduated from Great Bend High School in Great Bend, Kansas in 1972. - Was President of DECA during Senior year of High School. - Coached Golden Gloves Boxing team during Senior year of High School. - Fought in 1972 Kansas - Oklahoma Golden Gloves Tournament. - Enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in July of 1973. - Received Meritorious Mast as PFC, graduating with honors from Combat Training School. Choice of Military Police Duty stations. - Served as a Military Policeman in Brunswick, Maine on the Naval Air Station, Guarding Nuclear Weapons and Base perimeter. Secret Clearance. - Received the “Marine of The Month” award in July of 1974, along with Meritorious Mast and rank of Lance Corporal. - Honorably Discharged from Marine Corps in October of 1975, Rank of E-4, Corporal. - Attended Barton College in Great Bend, Kansas and Fort Hays State University in Hays, Kansas from 1976 through 1978. - Graduated from Barton College, Great Bend, Kansas in 1978 with A.A. in Communications, emphasis in Broadcasting, Music and Drama. - Graduated from Marymount College, Salina, Kansas in 1982 with B.S. in Psychology, emphasis in Pre-Med and Minor in World Theology. - Received the “Outstanding Young Men of America” award in 1984. - Began Dr. Kelley’s Metabolic Therapy in 1985 to combat liver cancer, diabetes, polycythemia and related metabolic disorders. - Graduated from the International Health Institute in Dallas, Texas in 1986 with M.S. in Metabolic Technology. Board Certified. - Completed the Course in Entero-Lavage in 1988, taught by Dr. Harold Knackstedt, N.M.D. via his school of Nutrition and Entero-Lavage, sponsored by Sun Products Distributors Inc. in Inman, Kansas. - He Self Published Autobiography “Metabolic Metamorphosis” in 1989. - He Received the “I Believe I Can Achieve” award in 1991 from Governor of Kansas Joan Finney for overcoming Liver cancer. In Gratitude, he wrote, arranged and performed the Gospel Song “Join Hands” for the Governor’s Anti-Drug Campaign. - Research and Development of Dr. Kelley’s Metabolic Typing Science via The College of Metabolic Medicine in Winfield, Kansas and Weatherford, Texas from 1995 through 2013. - Self Published his second Autobiography “Metabolic Mission” in 2000. - Graduated from Rochville University, Rockwell, Maryland in 2008 with Ph.D. in Metabolic Science and Psychology. - Hosted his own radio show “The Metabolic Forum” in Las Vegas, Nevada 2009. - He was Invited to become a Board Member of The Kansas Lymes Association from 2010 to 2011. - Submitting his Doctorate Thesis on a NEW Theory of Personality based on Dr. Kelley’s 12 Metabolic Types to the American Psychological Association in 2018, for publication in upper level Collegiate Psychology Textbooks. - Self Published REVISED and Updated second edition of “Metabolic Mission” in 2016 - In 2011, He Began Teaching Doctors, Nurses and Health Practitioners online, both in America and Globally, Dr. Kelly’s Metabolic Science Course. - Has been Consulting with clients both in America and Globally since 1986, with all forms of Degenerative disease, professional Athletes, etc. - For the past 25+ years, he has been designing a NEW form of Entertainment, he refers to as “Lecture Theater.” Combining his Professional Speaking and Singing abilities, along with a wide screen slide presentation and special effects. He is debuting this Show in Las Vegas this Summer. - In 2017….he contracted with Professional Screenwriter Steven Esteb, to Write, Produce and Direct the Movie “Metabolic Mission.” Stevens Web site is www.louisianascreenwriter.com. His latest movie “Hate Crime” has already won several film awards.

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