Dr. Dustin Barton

As a child Dr. Barton, was chronically sick. Every winter meant taking the flu, bronchitis and/or the "common" cold medications. As chiropractic was introduced into his life, he began to be a healthy child. As the needless suffering ceased, Dr. Barton soon realized at a young age that his life's purpose was to help others heal Naturally (without medication or surgery) through the principled, scientific approach of subluxation and wellness based chiropractic.

Dr. Dustin J. Barton, D.C., of Core Health Chiro has been awarded the distinguished honor of Chiropractor of the Month for May 2012, by On Purpose. He enjoys being involved in Community Health Outreach Programs (available to organizations, church and/or business), EPOC, Foundation for Wellness (non-profit), BNI, Fargo Kiwanis, and Maternal and Infant health.

Events By Dr. Dustin Barton