Dr. Jessie Miller, Naturopathic Doctor

Dr.  Jessie received her undergraduate degree with honors from CU Boulder in Integrative Physiology.  She attended Bastyr University where she studied Naturopathic medicine with additional focus on women’s health, pediatrics, fertility, pre-and post-natal care, digestive health, diabetes and cardiovascular health, and physical medicine including craniosacral therapy. She also attained her doula certificate. After an ND degree and a new baby, she moved back to Colorado to start up her Naturopathic practice, Foundations Family Medicine LLC, located right across the street from Natural Grocers, at Holistic Therapies in Evergreen, CO. Dr. Jessie’s approach and philosophy is to truly listen to the patient’s story and be the steward to their path to health by utilizing healthy lifestyle goals, lab diagnostics, herbs, personalized nutrition, detox, stress management tools, and the power of healing touch.

Events By Dr. Jessie Miller, Naturopathic Doctor

Nutrition Seminar
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Spring is coming, and now is the time to support our immune system and detoxification pathways to prevent those nasty itchy eyes and watery noses. It's amazing how much we can decrease allergic symptoms with nutrition, herbs, specific nutrients, and making sure our body's toxic load and inflammation is in…

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