Dr. Paul E. Robbins

Dr Robbins has a dual Doctorate from the Institute of Bioenergetic Medicine for Biofeedback and Auricular Therapy.  The IBEM College is located in Centennial, Colorado. He has been to the Asyra Navigator Training In Orange County CA. for advance biofeedback skills and understanding, as well as participated at the 2016 Think Tank in SLC Utah. Currently the only Auricular Therapist certified through Auriculotherapy Certification Institute in the state of Montana. Trained in basic and intermediate cranial sacral at the IBEM College. Trained in CST I and CST II  with Upledger Institute.  President of the Alumni Association at IBEM. Has been a radio host of the 8AM Wellness Hour. Dr Robbins has been in the Billings area since he and his wife started Big Sky Natural Wellness Clinic Inc. in 2010. Native of Montana. Dr Robbins uses technology and natural modalities to help his clients achieve their health goals.  Dr Robbins prides himself on a "drug free, needle free clinic"

Events By Dr. Paul E. Robbins

Nutrition Seminar
Sponsored By: Big Sky Natural Wellness Clinic Inc.
Nutrition Seminar
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Dr Robbins has had his clinic in Billings since 2010. He has an alternative look at what allergies are and what the body will tend to do with allergens as it responds to them. He has an Alternative approach blended with Technology that he uses in his clinic. Giving people…

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