Eric Herm

A farmer, author, and activist, Eric Herm was raised on a cotton farm near Ackerly, Texas. He left the farm to pursue other interests, traveling extensively in America, Mexico, Europe, and Northern Africa. Herm later returned to the land that has been in his family for nearly a century and rededicated his life to farming. After he realized the devastating effects of Roundup Ready cotton seed in 2005-2006, he turned his back to conventional farming and started transitioning the entire 6,000 acres family farm to organic. A strong supporter of the Non-GMO and Label-GMO movements, Eric was a speaker at a rally outside the White House and was also a keynote speaker at the “Occupy Monsanto” rally in St. Louis this past September. Eric firmly believes we need to rethink not only agriculture, but our methods of education, business, and ultimately our relationship with nature.