Sharon Liapis

Sharon was first influenced by a close friend in California who showed her how to do cooking demos and a more healthy way of cooking.  Upon moving to Utah to attend the University of Utah, she became a self taught home cook.  After joining the Jr. League of SLC. being placed on the Merchandising Committee to sell local cookbooks in 2001, she found her love of teaching others how to cook.  Realizing 40 was right around the corner and not especially thrilled where her career was, Sharon enrolled into the Art Institute in Salt Lake City January 2008.  Shortly after her completion of classes at AI, Sharon was diagnosed with Gluten Intolerance, along with other food allergies.   In 2010 there was very little product available in stores for people with Celiac & Gluten Intolerance.  So her passion began for finding fun ways to teach people it is easy to live gluten, lactose and allergy free in your daily life.   Sharon would classify her cooking style as "healthy with gourmet flair."

Events By Sharon Liapis