Nicole Asali, Chef

Chef Nicole Asali is a local vegan chef in Oklahoma City and she owns a startup business called Health Koncious! Health Koncious is a movement that encourages the community to learn more about plant based diets, and create an affordable and accessible plant based diet for all incomes. Chef Asalu prides herself in the quality of service that she provides and the cultural shifts we are creating in the Oklahoma Metro Area. She also has a "Step-Up" program that trains ex felons an troubled youths the trade of culinary arts. Health Koncious was founded in May of 2016 and instantly grew. She was a Chef before she was a vegan so she prides herself on her plant based comfort classic recipes and ability to transition Carnivores into Plant eaters. She has received most of of her attention through my soul food recipes such as my vegan, mac n cheese, BBQ pulled pork, fried chicken, and nachos. Nicole is currently working towards a book that will be going through the editing process by 2/28/2017.

Events By Nicole Asali, Chef