Dr. Kitty Wong-Robertson, DOM

Dr. Kitty Wong-Robertson (her adult patients call her Dr. Kitty and her younger patients call her Dr. Kitty Cat) is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine.  Besides using acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion and herbal medicine, she also gives advice about food in Chinese perspective.  In Chinese medicine, food IS medicine (please refer to her website www.homllc.com).  She is also a Cantonese and Canton is the place of choice for good food in China. Being the person in charge of family meals starting at age 7, she had trained her siblings and many others on how to cook Cantonese food. By age 11, she was cooking for 50~60 family members during holidays and family gatherings. She feels that it is a blessing that she has this opportunity to share her love of Chinese food with you.  All the ingredients she uses are available at Natural Grocers.  She will do her best to make things as simple as possible so that you can try it at home.  Have fun and enjoy this very special presentation.

Events By Dr. Kitty Wong-Robertson, DOM