Brainworks of Bend

Anne Morrison and Sandy Wesson have over 20 years experience as Registered Nurses, from Critical Care to Hospice. That experience combined with years of working as Nutritional Therapists led them to be Neurofeedback Practitioners and to focus on brain health. BrainWorks of Bend, in Bend Oregon, was created to provide a much needed service of helping to heal peoples brains. They look at digestion (the 2nd brain), nutrition, metabolic issues and make recommendations for diet, supplementation and neurofeedback.

Events By Brainworks of Bend

Nutrition Seminar
Sponsored By: BrainWorks of Bend

Come learn about nutrients for brain health and a powerful, non-invasive process that can not only improve or eliminate such symptoms as anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, PTSD and more, but can also improve athletic or cognitive performance? As nurses and Holistic Nutritionists with over 30 years of experience we believe that…

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