Dr. Casey Sanders

Dr. Casey Sanders is a native Texan and family man. His passion for discovering the secrets of true wellness led him to train in the Philosophy, Art, and Science of Chiropractic at Parker University in Dallas Texas. During his professional studies, he came across a technique known as Knee Chest Upper Cervical. This work focuses specifically on the Brain Stem, which houses the major connecting neurological pathways that control every cell, tissue and organ in the body. Dr. Casey began studying with the organization known as The Art of the Specific, a group of doctors dedicated to bringing this specific technique to the world. Since beginning training, Dr. Casey has poured over 300 hours into this field of study, including trips to El Salvador and Mexico to provide care to locals that would otherwise have zero access to this truly amazing view of health and wellness. 

"The Specific Chiropractic Centers Empower Communities to make smarter decisions relative to their health and wellness"

Events By Dr. Casey Sanders