Ingo Mahn, DDS, AIAOMT

Doctor Mahn is a graduate of Marquette Univ. School of Dentistry and has been practicing metal free dentistry for over 25 years.  He is dedicated to helping his patients achieve a higher level of health through dentistry.  Dr. Mahn uses the knowledge gained from earning a Doctorate in Integrative Medicine , as well as over 30 years of clinical experience, to guide you on a journey of discovering how your mouth may be preventing you from achieving OPTIMAL HEALTH.

Events By Ingo Mahn, DDS, AIAOMT

Nutrition Seminar
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Discover how issues in your mouth can keep you from feeling your best. Learn about Holistic Dentistry and how it can help you achieve optimal health, Mercury Amalgams—the untold story, the miracles of modern dentistry, and oxygen, the forgotten "nutrient" and healer.

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