Jawana Cox, INHC, Herbalist, MT

Jawana Cox is known by all for her avid love of her Creator and love of all things natural. Her practice, now known as Wholesome Touch for Health, has taught her to learn and apply stress management techniques and skills. She's developed strategies of regulating her own health and that of her clients through food, supplementation, herbs, essential oils, essences,and bodywork. Through her online program designed for womenHealthy Mind Healthy Body, she offers to help discover stress and anxiety management and whole living strategies for each unique chemistry and life. As a Health Coach, she partners with these strong, intelligent women, passing on the experience and training she's gained. The program is designed for the outcome: quieter minds, focus, great sleep, digestion and relationships, better whole life choices; basically taking back your life.

Events By Jawana Cox, INHC, Herbalist, MT

Nutrition Seminar
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In this workshop, we're going to discover what 10 foods we can incorporate for spring that wake up our body, preparing it for summer and shedding off winter chills and sluggishness. Also included are a few Qigong movements for activating the spring energy for cleansing and toning gallbladder and liver.…

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