Joseph D. Heinecke

Dr. Joseph Heinecke is proud to have grown up in Western Colorado.  While attending Grand Junction High School, an internship at a local chiropractic office would forever shape the way he viewed healthcare. He decided against pursuing a career in medicine to pursue a career in chiropractic instead. Dr. Joe went on to earn his Biology degree from Colorado Mesa University, during which time he maintained a full-time job working with those with developmental disabilities.  After graduating, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia to earn his Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Life University.  He graduated with honors and contributed to chiropractic research, publishing a paper on how care helped a child with severe developmental disabilities. He then returned home to practice in Western Colorado and currently owns and operates Mountain Valley Chiropractic.  Empowering people with health-inspiring knowledge is one of his top priorities as he hopes through this, health will become their top priority.

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