Stephan Pridonoff, The Organic Disciple

Stephan Pridonoff  is the creator and author behind the  “The Organic Disciple Coaching."  After a long and rewarding career as an Account Executive for American Airlines and a baseball coach in Boston, MA., Stephan decided he wanted to change his career path when he witnessed the deteriorating health and poor diets of today's inner-city kids he loved coaching.  Stephan moved back to his hometown of Phoenix, AZ and pursued a new career, becoming a certified Holistic Nutrition coach from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.  As a devoted Messianic Jewish believer, Stephan integrates his faith and coaching knowledge to provide a ministry-themed approach for Holistic Nutrition Coaching.  His programs assert the idea of using an interchanging definition for nutrition as being tangible or intangible.  Nourishment becomes both a food source and an immaterial substance within our environment that expresses the laws of cause and effect for physical, mental and spiritual health.

Events By Stephan Pridonoff, The Organic Disciple

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What do you do with all that leftover pulp from juicing a green drink?  Come join and try my delicious and healthy pulp muffin recipe.  While they are they are baking, I will be presenting "A Biblical View of Nutrition" to demonstrate how nutrition is both a tangible and intangible food source…

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