Jennifer Burns Bright

Jennifer Burns Bright is a food educator and travel writer based in Port Orford, Oregon. She moved to the coast after many years teaching food studies and literature at the University of Oregon, and now teaches sustainable seafood classes and gives talks all over the state. She holds a PhD from the University of California at Irvine and a Master Food Preserver certification. When she's not out gathering seaweed or smoking sablefish, she might be found exploring seafood wine pairings,  judging culinary masterpieces, or interviewing luminaries in the food world.

Events By Jennifer Burns Bright

Nutrition Seminar
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Oregonians love local food but finding truly local fish can be hard. We’re now much more aware of ethically grown meat and vegetables, but seafood remains somewhat mysterious. How does that crab get from the ocean to our table, and what’s the true cost of cheap salmon at the grocery store?…

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