Jill Ho

Jill Ho is graduating from the Health Coach Institute.  She lives in Aurora Colorado.   Jill struggled with emotional eating and overcame many obstacles pertaining to her health.  She is not ashamed of sharing her stories with others.  It's what gives her the courage to take empowered actions and become a health and wellness coach she is today. Jill is passionate about helping others and giving back to the community.  She believes everyone can be fit and healthy and live the life they have always wanted.  She is committed to educate and inspire others to get clear on what they want, have more faith on their dreams than their fears, be happy and to make healthy lifestyle choices.  

Events By Jill Ho

Nutrition Seminar
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What is Emotional Eating?  Have you ever gotten to the bottom of a bag of chips and just wondered how did I get here? In this class, you will learn how to recognize emotional eating triggers.  Understand why we compulsively eat.  Find ways to feed your feelings and begin the healing…

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