Jill Latham

A Registered Dietitian, with a Master’s of Science in Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Science, Jill Latham is driven to promote healthy lifestyle choices through her cold-pressed, organic juice cleanse business located in Denver, Colorado.  Three years ago (while finishing her dietetic internship in Santa Barbara, CA), Jill spotted the need for freshly pressed, raw juice products, countering those mass produced by less health conscious organizations.  Her vision was to increase people’s overall health and wellness by drinking cold-pressed nutrient dense juices in a form the body easily absorbed and metabolized.  From this desire to promote cold-pressed juices, Jill instinctively developed a variety of juice cleanse programs and individual juices that were tailored to support specific organs within the body. With her invaluable guidance during a juice cleanse, clients were able to jump start their weight loss process, decrease inflammation throughout the body, reset their digestion, remove unwanted toxins, and start to feel alive and energized.   Jill started her health and wellness career managing a gourmet food delivery company, Diet Designs, based in Culver City, CA.  It was there that she honed her managerial and customer service skills, expertly creating meal plans for weight loss, Diabetes, heart disease, anti-inflammation, restrictive diets for gastrointestinal problems, and meals that targeted the elimination of food allergies.  The experience of managing a fresh food company gave her the education and knowledge needed to infuse into her fresh juice brand.  Additionally, Jill spent time working at Core Performance, a high-end athletic and nutrition training facility, tailored to increase the performance output for elite and professional athletes.  Focusing more on educating clients on the best sports nutrition practices, she utilized her extensive graduate knowledge and developed entrepreneurial skills in working with this specific type of population.    These experiences helped her recognize the importance of backing a vision with science to create measurable results.  Jill set out to do just that, attaining her Masters of Science in Nutrition and finishing her Dietetic Internship soon thereafter.   Jill continues to build the burgeoning Vibrant Earth Juices business based on a drive to help people, supported by quality products and scientific formulas.  She attended California State University, Northridge for her graduate schooling and California Polytechnic State University, San Louis Obispo for her Dietetic Internship (completed at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara, CA).   In addition to running her cold-pressed juice company, Jill continues to privately consult a variety of clients on how to start eating healthfully and working towards their own personal health and nutrition goals.  Jill enjoys speaking on a variety of topics including the benefits of cleansing/detoxing the body, optimal nutrition for sports performance, pre and post pregnancy nutrition, and healthy meal planning for a busy lifestyle.