Jolie Root, LPN

Jolie is a natural products retailer who evolved her career into a career educating in the health sciences. Jolie's background is nutrition counseling and nursing. She currently works as an educator in the Natural Products Industry. Her radio program Food for Thought is heard Fridays at 10am Eastern on WVNJ in New York and streaming on Food for Thought is also heard Mondays at noon Eastern on and on WWNN AM 1470 in Palm Beach County, FL. Her goal is to convince everyone she comes into contact with to do the following: embrace prevention, eat mostly fruits and vegetables with high quality proteins (think Mediterranean Diet), take a Multi-vitamin with at least 400 iu natural vitamin E and 1000 mg vitamin C, take 1000-4000 mg daily of EPA and DHA, have vitamin D levels tested and do what it takes to raise the level to 40-60ng/ml. And be kind, to yourself and others.

Events By Jolie Root, LPN