Julie Bates, PhD

Julie Bates is a clinical psychologist in Lubbock, Texas, working primarily with children and families.  She graduated from Texas Tech with a BA and then went on to the University of North Texas for an MA and PhD. She is currently part-time in a psychology practice, plus she has been trained as a speaker through the Ziglar corporation, and teaches extensively on the use of essential oils.  With her background in working with people to address mood concerns, attention and focus, or stress, the essential oils fit perfectly into her desire to empower people to find other options to be proactive in their mental health care.  With her 4 children, she has been amazed at the benefits and options the essential oils have given them for physical health as well.  For Julie, it gives her control in her home and an option that is cheaper, safer, and more convenient when those life things happen.  She wants to teach others to also steward their own lives physically, emotionally, and financially.

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