Justine Roth, MNT

Holistic nutrition therapist, certified yoga instructor and owner of Grown to Heal Nutrition, Justine has been in private practice for two years. She works with clients as a therapeutic partner to rebalance their health using food, supplementation, detoxifcation and yogic principles for stress management and movement. Justine focuses on individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, GI issues and fatigue but has helped many others achieve optimal health naturally. She encourages a whole foods, plant and high-quality protein and fat- based approach with an understanding that nutrition is extremely individualized (fad diets need not apply!). Keeping her philosophy in tact, she creates a customized diet plan designed for long-term, sustainable health. Justine has given presentations throughout Denver on topics ranging from blood sugar imbalances, detoxification, GMOs and the physiological dangers of stress.