Karen Benton

 Karen Benton, ND   licensed Naturopathic Doctor...  It may be more accurate to call her the “doctor who cares” when it comes to helping people along  their journey to better health.  She is equipped with solid medical training and clinical experience along with a variety of natural medicine tools such as botanical medicine, homeopathy, biotherapeutic healing and drainage, and nutritional counseling.  You can count on Karen to support you and get to the root of your health care issues, and treat the cause-- not just give you a pill to palliate symptoms.  She is a licensed naturopathic physician who graduated from the National College of Natural Medicine, a four-year medical naturopathic school in Portland, OR.  She continues to hold her license from the State of Washington, and has recently returned to Boise after a 15-year absence. Karen was also a primary caregiver and hospice volunteer for over seven years.  She specializes in helping turn chronic conditions into chronic wellness.