Katrina Brink, MS

Katrina currently sells delicious MM Local products, and teaches cooking classes for Slow Food Denver’s Seed-to-Table Alliance and has a blast encouraging children to try new foods and engage in the joys of cooking. She recently earned her Masters in Agriculture, Food and the Environment from the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy in Boston. She has a passion for food waste reduction and how to share the good word about how it can address issues ranging from climate change, to hunger, and your food budget. Her classes focus on how to maximize the use of your food, so you can use all the parts of your fruits, vegetables, and meats, and yes - even those leftovers!  Come discover delicious, healthy, new dishes made from foods you used to throw away, and save money!   You can find Katrina teaching adult and family cooking classes in the Denver Metro area through her business, The Empowered Kitchen.  She is delighted to be living back in Colorado where she can hike, bike, and snowshoe to her heart’s content!