Kyle Knapp

Dr. Kyle Knapp, Founder and President of CHIROPRACTIC plus DALLAS, is no stranger to the Chiropractic Lifestyle. Being born into the Chiropractic philosophy of medical care and raised in his father’s clinic has allowed Dr. Kyle to experience all the ups and downs of running a Chiropractic Practice. There was never any doubt he would follow in his father’s footsteps and lifestyle choices. His years of military service just reinforced that decision for him. Even after suffering a fractured vertebrae during his military years, Dr. Kyle did not abandon his commitment to a Wellness Lifestyle. Helping to promote his father’s practice since he was six years old, has given him many years of insight into the marketing needs of many of today’s wellness professionals, especially in today’s economic environment with his own practice. Licensed in both Texas and California, Dr. Kyle believes and teaches Wellness to anyone that will listen, being careful not to turn those who don’t “Get It, Yet” off to the concept. He believes in leaving “the door open” for those who aren’t ready to embrace this philosophy to “walk back through” that door when they are ready. His desire to help as many people who are willing to be helped is sincere. With CHIROPRACTIC plus, Dr. Kyle is taking all he has learned and observed through his years of living a Wellness Lifestyle and finding ways to “get the word out” to as many people as physically possible.