Linda Voorhis

For the past 28 years, Linda Voorhis worked as the key administrator for addiction treatment facilities in New Jersey, semi-retiring in September 2015, when she moved to the Sedona area. An avid cook since a child, inspired by my maternal grandmother and Julia Child, her journey began. She owned a café for several years where she was the head chef. During that time, Linda became known for her original plant-based recipes. In 2010, Linda founded Ahimsa Wellness, LLC, whose mission is to provide holistic wellness activities and education that promote self-actualization, community, and environmental sustainability in concert with vegan lifestyle education, advocacy, and activism. In 2012, Linda became an article contributor to the American Vegan Society's magazine under my brand, Veganification, which celebrates the journey of becoming and being vegan. She also has a blog under the same name as well as Instagram and Twitter. She is the founder and organizer of the Verde Valley Vegans meetup group since 2013.

Events By Linda Voorhis