Lisa Sadler and Tim Trumble, Dipl.OM

As a labor of love, Lisa Sadler has turned her kitchen into a health promoting machine! I am a stage 3 cancer survivor and know first hand that living a life supported by pharmaceuticals does not feel like vibrant health and well being. Alongside me, my fiance Antonio, has put a life of crohns disease in remission with nourishing, nutrient rich foods. With an unshakeable belief in fresh foods from sustainable farms, Weston A. Price principals resonate deeply with me! These principals have taught me how to use these fresh, nutrient dense ingredients to create delicious nourishing foods that heal and promote life. I have acquired a wealth of knowledge and skills I love to share! I will be doing the cooking demonstration segment to the Weston A. Price introduction presented by Tim Trumble.  Tim Trumble Dipl.OM has been a practitioner of Oriental Medicine in Steamboat Springs for 8 years. His practice includes Acupuncture, Bodywork, Chinese Herbology, and Traditional Nutrition. The nutrition taught in school was not so good and as I looked at models that are both traditional foods for us but also are similar in many ways to the traditional Asian way of food, I was led to the life and teachings of Weston A. Price. In the clinic, we do Herbal therapy and Acupuncture to restore balance and gradually your version of the WAPF diet and lifestyle emerges and food truly becomes your medicine.