Manya Williams, CHHC, Chef

For the past 15 years, Manya has trained and worked under some of the top chefs and wellness gurus, including Annemarie Colbin, Founder of The Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC . Her range of experience includes Raw Food Diet, Healing with Whole Foods, Cellular Detox, Weight Loss and  Hormonal Balancing.    In 2010, she founded JuiceWell, a company with the mission to help people feel better and think higher by detoxifying the body and nourishing the cells with organic pressed juices.    As a Certified Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Birth and Labor Doula,  Manya is able to understand and relate to the challenges that come with making changes, getting out of your own way and  living your best life.   These days she enjoys leading in-person community cleanses and workshops, virtual group detoxes and challenges, and working 1:1 with private clients.