Mariana Cerqueira

Mariana  nurtured a passion for the establishment and growth of parenthood and the development childhood in a way that could expand children's natural qualities and balance their fragilities. Years later, she studied medicine, which awakened in her the interest in alternative healings and medicine. When she graduate from Med School she was not feeling fulfilled in a segmented and body centered approach of the human being, decided to work as an alternative healer while practicing occupational medicine and studying psychology with a primary focus in perinatal and early childhood psychology. She did research in the fetus' (in) existence emotions independent from the mother in a reputable OBGYN department in a hospital in Lisbon. Mariana was blessed by the opportunity to learn from different seniors mental health professional (e.g.: pedopsychiatrist, psychologist, occupational therapists, nurses, etc.) in one of the few early childhood mental health hospital services in the world.

Events By Mariana Cerqueira