Mark Molinaro, CEC, AOC

Completing his undergraduate studies in Anthropology Mark spent four months hiking on the Appalachian Trail deciding what to do with the rest of his life.  Somewhere along the way he connected two of his passions: cooking and making people happy.  Upon returning to his home in Cleveland, Ohio he secured a position with the Omni International Hotel Company where he was taken under the wing of the executive chef.  After months of potato, carrot, and shrimp peeling Marks chef told him that if he wanted to truly follow his dream he needed to attend a culinary school. After receiving his AOS from the New England Culinary Institute he spent time working with the Four Seasons Hotel Company in Boston before joining the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company.  It was here that Mark discovered the value of creating and nurturing guest loyalty.  He was again taken under the wing of the executive chef and given his first role as restaurant sous chef for a brand new concept the company was investing in.  After a successful launch of the restaurant he gained more experience accepting the responsibility of chef Garde Manger allowing him to train and develop a larger staff.  After three years he was challenged again with the opening of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Half Moon Bay, California as a trainer.  One year later he opened The Ritz-Carlton Hotel New York, Battery Park again as a trainer.  After holding positions as Fine Dining instructor and Executive Chef with the New England Culinary Institute Mark is living his dream as a Core faculty member and Brew Club advisor by learning and teaching one of his passions; food and beverage and also inspiring and motivating another; people.  His goal is to inspire a generation of young chefs who will apply their strengths in the promotion of enjoyable, healthy, and sustainable culinary arts.