Marlene Prinzing, M.A.

Marlene is a life-time student and teacher of Holistic Wellness. She has spent the last 25 years successfully helping others find The Root Cause of many health challenges. In addition, Marlene has the ability to both read and translate your somatic tissue memory into understandable terms. In doing so, she utilizes a system, called The PPP System. PPP stands for:  The Physical Body, The Physiological Body, and The Psychological Body. In looking at all three of these body systems, Marlene can clue you into foods, supplements, and life-style choices that are unique and beneficial only to YOU. Marlene is also the founder and creator of The Prinzing Method™, A Registered Trademark in the State of Colorado. For more information on The Prinzing Method™ and Marlene, go to:

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