Matt Pennetti

Dr. Matt played college basketball in Colorado before suffering from his own severe health issues.  Ultimately, 

deciding to go to chiropractic school at the world's largest chiropractic institution - Life University.


There he met his wife, Lauren who is also a Neuro-Structural Chiropractor and co-owner of Prime Chiropractic.

They practiced in San Diego for 4-years helping hundreds of families,
office professionals, and elite athletes live a better quality of life.  

Ultimately, they decided Colorado was the ideal spot to raise their family next to the beautiful Rocky Mountains. 

When he's not at work, he's doing all the chores he skipped out on during the workweek.  

And, even though he's all washed-up, Dr. Matt still finds time to attempt re-living the ‘glory days’ on the basketball court.  

He's fanatical about living a healthy life.  And is absolutely obsessed with becoming the best version of himself.

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