Melinda Coker

Melinda Coker is a licensed counselor, health coach and author living in Tyler, TX, who believes that major diseases, including cancer, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and strokes may be prevented through dietary means. Her book, "Diet and Cancer: Is There a Connection?" explores the connection between the average U.S. diet and the growing incidence of cancer, and offers an easy-to-follow preventive eating plan the whole family can employ. Her second book, “Coco's Healthy Cooking" features many health-sustaining recipes to help families improve their health through their meals.  Ms. Coker earned her "Starch Solution Certification" in 2014 through Dr. John McDougall's program in Santa Rosa, CA. She offers virtual (online through phone and email) and local coaching programs to help people regain their health.  Information at 

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