Melissa McClure, LCSW

Melissa is a wife and mother of two small children whose passion is utilizing nutrition to promote healthy and brighter living with her family. Her journey began after three years of struggling with infertility, she discovered she had Celiac Disease. Through the lifestyle transformation of a grain-free, organic diet, Melissa has been able to improve her personal health and the health of her family. Melissa promotes various ways to strengthen the immune system, improve sleep, combat bacteria and viruses, improve gut health, increase focus and attention, build confidence and reduce stress with a grain-free, organic diet and the use of essential oils. Melissa is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with specialized training working with children and families who have experienced abuse, trauma, grief and loss. She also has training and experience working with children who cope with symptoms of ADHD, ADD, Autism, and Asperger's Syndrome. She understands the connection food and nutrition have with the overall mental, emotional, and behavioral health of children and adults.