Michael Honke, MA, MFT

Who I am I’m a psychotherapist in private practice in East Portland and an associate faculty member in the Northwest Institute for Integrative Counseling & Training. I received my education and training at George Fox University and hold a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy. What I do Utilizing Emotionally-Focused Therapy and Mindfulness-based Therapy (informed by the latest neuroscience research on relationships and mental health), my goal is to help individuals and couples face the challenges in their lives and to experience healing. I strive to create a safe and compassionate space which allows people to find the courage and the resilience to live more authentic lives. One thing that has had a significant impact in helping my clients through the therapeutic process is mindfulness meditation. This does not necessarily mean cultivating a sitting practice; it simply can be living mindfully, intentionally, being present in the moment. Mindfulness, as in mindful eating, the mindful relating to our own bodies, nurturing a mindful awareness of our senses and of the world around us, and mindfully relating to troubling thoughts and feelings such as anxiety and discomfort, can be a powerful tool in helping us transform our lives, change unwanted habits, and have more vitality. In fact, the latest scientific research on mindfulness demonstrates that this practice can literally re-wire our brains toward greater well-being.