Michael Stuchiner

Mike Stuchiner has become one of the most sought after Master Herbalist's in the field of herbal medicine. He got his reputation as a top notch herbalist because of his total commitment and novel approach to helping his clients. Mike uses a more “old world” herbal approach by applying the use of whole herbs verses the standardized version. He believes that the whole is in fact greater than the sum of its parts. Mike first became interested in the field of herbal medicine in his late teens after having several common ailments that plague our society. He felt there was a better was to get himself healthy. Mike has been a competitive elite level powerlifter since 1992 and has been competing for 22 year and still going strong. His current best lifts are Squat- 805 lbs Bench press- 555 lbs Deadlift- 635 lbs Total- 1955 Mike is a graduate of the School of Natural Healing where he got his degree in herbal medicine and has almost 20 years of experience in the alternative medical field. You can contact Michael through his website at eliteherbalist.com