Michelle Baas and Melissa Rivenbark

Michelle Baas and Melissa Rivenbark are twins sisters that are passionate about health and wellness. They work together to educate many people about the healing power of essential oils, through classes and our partnerships with business and healthcare professionals. These partnerships help to broaden the scope of the healer and to strengthen relationships among the community members and families they work with. Melissa and Michelle hope to empower and support everyone they meet along the way. They have both dedicated many hours volunteering at hospitals, schools, clinics and soup kitchens. For years they have juggled multiple low income jobs while putting themselves through school and raising small children. One thing they both agree on is education and wellness must be at the core of their work life. This business has brought these sisters together to do what they love to do.

Events By Michelle Baas and Melissa Rivenbark

Nutrition Seminar
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