Mondi Christensen, LME

Mondi began her career in the beauty products industry 18 years ago as a skin care sales representative. With a personal history of skin challenges, she continuously searched for products that delivered results. She became very intrigued by the science and technology of skin care products and this led her to become a Paramedical Esthetician. Her experience as a medical esthetics technician and trainer demonstrated results with medical based lines, but often with side-effects, the use of toxic chemical ingredients and compromised ethics. Mondi chose to share her knowledge and love of teaching by becoming a National Trainer for a medical skin care line where she taught industry professionals about the in-depth functions of the skin and advanced knowledge of esthetics. She loved to see the transformation that comes when results are achieved, but was convinced that results, ingredient and company integrity could co-exist. She is proud to have found perfect alignment as an Educator with ACURE. Mondi is a strong advocate and voice for those looking for clinical, natural, and effective products that in turn improve your life, the lives of others and our planet! “To see people getting results with clean, high integrity products, while at the same time feeling empowered that they can help change the world is an exciting and dynamic process that fills me with great joy!” She brings this dedication, her passion for education and her experience in sales, management and training to the ACURE team.