Nancy Arenas

Six years ago, Nancy Arenas became Vegan. She will tell you that she made the move to veganism “for the animals”, she also states, “the universe in turn showed some compassion back”. Her daily struggles with fibromyalgia and chronic joint swelling and pains disappeared a month after her vegan lifestyle began. Six years later she is still free from those ailments and no longer measures her days by how much pain she is in from a scale of 1-10. Nancy Arenas has taken on the mission of spreading information about veganism for the planet, the animals and our health. Her passion is to spread the message of veganism, which is love, where she is. Nancy Arenas is: the founder of Sprouting Compassion, a nonprofit organization spreading information about veganism and all its aspects (environmental, animals and health); publisher of New Mexico Vegan Magazine; and organizer of the Red & Green Vegfest Albuquerque. Nancy wants to show people from any walk of life, healthy ways to satisfy everyone at the table with a plant based vegan diet. She has veganized all her favorite food dishes and aspires to help you do the same.

Events By Nancy Arenas