Olyvia DuSold

Olyvia has been co-powering her clientele on their health and body journeys for over 3 years now. She has learned how to look at the body as a unit, giving her unique insight as to why the current issues have arisen in the first place. 

One of her areas of expertise is in diagnostic nutrition. This is a pairing lab tests with lifestyle changes that does not deal with diagnosis but instead with the repair of exhausted body systems to help them function more cohesively and rid a person of deep rooted issues. 

Her second area of expertise is posture therapy. This is a non-surgical, non-manipulative form of therapy that rids people of their chronic or acute pain by taking a step back and seeing how the body needs to be taken care of from a postural standpoint. 

Nothing makes her heart happier than seeing her clients issues seemingly "disappear" as they continue to be diligent to their therapy process, except for maybe cat videos on youtube, but that makes everyones heart happy.

Events By Olyvia DuSold

Nutrition Seminar
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