Pam Vagnieres

Pam Vagnieres, MS, MNT, CSCS Master Nutrition Therapist: Nutrition Therapy Institute, Denver Master of Science in Sports Medicine: Chapman University, Denver Bachelor of Arts in Dance: University of Colorado, Boulder Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist: National Strength and Conditioning Association. NUTRITION: Pam Vagnieres has lived in Colorado for 34 years. She has turned her passions into a career. Pam’s clinical nutrition programs are designed to help people with insulin resistance, diabetes, adrenal fatigue, obesity, sports nutrition, neurodegenerative disorders, digestive issues, allergies, immune dysfunction, cancer, ADHD, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, toxic accumulation, menopause, pregnancy, and more! Pam evaluates your diet, and helps create a personalized, balanced, healthy dietary program that tastes delicious. Pam teaches people about the "nutrigenomics" of food; that is, how food speaks to your genes. Certain foods can suppress inflammation, help silence genes that fuel cancer, and turn on genes that protect against heart disease. Pam inspires you to be passionate about food! Pam will take you through the supermarket and show you how to make better food choices, opening your eyes to all sorts of quick and easy healthier alternatives. Pam believes we should "LOVE" our food, not just eat it because we think it's healthy. Her inspiring cooking classes teach you how to prepare nourishing food using quick and easy recipes, that taste great to the whole family! EXERCISE: Pam works with clients on therapeutic exercise programs designed to strengthen and prevent injury. Her fitness programs include core conditioning, balance, kinesthetic, proprioceptive training, and sport specific training; all using creatively designed, functional exercises that train the whole body into correct alignment. You have to LOVE your exercise program! Pam makes it fun so you look forward to working out. In the last 25 years, she has successfully helped thousands of people recover from an injury, get into shape and feel great! Pam also can look at your work environment and make suggestions for an “optimal fit”! Through an ergonomic assessment she can make changes to prevent chronic injury, pain and stiffness resulting from your long work days. Whether you work at a computer, behind a counter, lifting product, or otherwise, she can help make your life more comfortable! Programs with Pam are available in her Louisville office, by phone or online for your convenience.