Paul C. Tijerina BS, NTP, NLP, CPT, CHC

As a passionate, driven, U.S Military Academy West Point Grad, Army Master Fitness Trainer, Nutritional Therapist, Certified Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner, and SuperHuman Life Coach, Paul C. Tijerina’s goal is to EDUCATE and EMPOWER PEOPLE on real food principles, and lifestyle factors crucial for optimal health. In his private and public practices, he furnishes holistic nutrition and lifestyle information and provides recommendations and advice concerning holistic nutrition.  He also provides guidance on functional fitness modalities, dietary supplements, essential oils, adjunct therapies, and implementation of certain lifestyle factors crucial for optimal health. He empowers through education, gives experiential knowledge by walking his client and challenges through his progressions, and he supports with his support staff and community.

Events By Paul C. Tijerina BS, NTP, NLP, CPT, CHC