Robyn Whitworth

Robyn Whitworth is a mother to 5, self researcher by nature, graduate of a LeCordonBleu Culinary Arts Program and Bachelors of Business Management and can be found reading human digestion and recipe books for fun.
Since 2008 Robyn has been an adjunct professor teaching cooking skills at a local university, a music instructor, and now teaching private groups online about Eating for Energy. In 2012 Robyn was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, insulin resistance, and infertility with 3 children at home. These diagnoses launched an even deeper search for true understanding about nutrition, human digestion, and where we get our energy to thrive and be healthy in our stressful world. With this research Robyn reversed her diabetes, no longer has insulin resistance, lost weight, and she has since had 2 more children. In 2014 she launched an online business teaching people about food pairing for energy, meal planning, and physical fitness.

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