Ryan Mauk

After years of health issues, I finally found a solution through eliminating problem foods, and improving my diet.  This journey showed me the power of nutrition, and a path towards helping others resolve their health issues.  

I am currently a student pursuing a Masters of Science in Nutrition at the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) in Portland, OR.   My mission is to help others realize their truest and happiest self from a foundation of nutrition.  To aid in the understanding that their happiness can, at it’s source, be aided by a healthy diet and lifestyle.  And that this foundation can truly drive positive change in lives.

Events By Ryan Mauk

Nutrition Seminar
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In the last several years, the Ketogenic Diet (often called the Keto Diet) has been gaining a lot of popularity.  But what is the diet, and can it help you lose weight?  Is it healthy, and is it even safe? In this class, Ryan will offer a solid approach to…

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