Sandra Neal

I am a Certified Raw Vegan Chef, having attended a Raw Food School called "Sprout Raw Food" with Jackie and Gideon Graff in Atlanta. In 2007 went through the "Hallelujah Acres" Health Ministers 2 week class in Shelby, North Carolina and became a Hallelujah Health Minister. Hallalujah Acres spent over a million to produce this "Get Healthy, Stay Balanced" Program of DVD's on the 8 laws of Health so vitally important for optimal health.Each week will be a different health topic along with the food demo's. "Fundamentals of Raw Vegan Food"was another class taken at Living Light in California and she has presented numerous demonstrations for Vegan food. I had a small Health Food Store in California and presented food demo classes once a week. Also demo and dinner in a Mexican Restaurant in Pismo Beach, California. A weekly series of dinners in my home in California and demo's at the Community Vegan Potlucks.